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Hi! I need Your help, Holder. What's the problem: a new user 1pśe160 has created two articles [[Wiknica]] and [[Njeźichow]]. He was right, these are right names in Lower Sorbian, but he has made it in wrong way: these articles aren't completely new, the content has been pasted from articles [[Njedźichow]] and [[Wětnica]] but without its revision history. So, please, delete these new articles [[Wiknica]] and [[Njeźichow]] and I will move Njedźichow and Wětnica to the right names. Now it's impossible. Thanks in advance! Redards, [[Wužywaŕ:Wielemir|Wielemir]] ([[Diskusija wužywarja:Wielemir|diskusija]]) 6. julija 2019, 11:53 (CEST)
:Hi [[Wužywaŕ:Wielemir|Wielemir]]. I've moved both articles to the new names. Best regards. --[[Wužywaŕ:Holder|Holder]] ([[Diskusija wužywarja:Holder|diskusija]]) 6. julija 2019, 12:58 (CEST)