Welcome to my user page and thank you for improving Wikipedia with me.
I am an archaeologist and historian, researching old, crumbly junk; ogling artefacts in museums; reading illegible inscriptions and trying to teach the stubborn at a certain university. I am mostly active on the Kashubian Wiki CSB.

I want to become active at the Lower Sorbian Wiki DSB to help it grow. The Lower Sorbian language is in danger of dying out, since it only has 7000 native and active speakers (as stated in 2017). I want the DSB Wiki to become bigger, so speakers and schools in Cottbus/Chocebuz and Lower Lusatia can use the wiki, and hopefully, keep the Lower Sorbian language used and alive this way.

For pure fun, I would also like to become a bit active at the Old Church Slavonic Wiki OCS. OCS fascinates me as our Paleoslavic mother language and I have a soft spot for the Slavic culture, mythology and art. Cześć, chwała i slava.

I am fluent in Polish and English. I am intermediate or beginner in other languages, always willing to learn more. I appreciate it and I thank you very much when you correct my language mistakes, spelling errors and wiki-errors. Errare humanum est.
Just a list of items for me (sandbox) Radonitsa - Olga Tokarczuk - Frida Kahlo - Tamara de Lempicka - Szymborska - Maria Curie-Sklodowska - Chopin - Wilcytra - etc Special:MyLanguage/