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Yes, I know, that these actors have an Oscar, but it really doesn't matter: the actors are great, but the articles about them are very weak... There are plenty of such articles here, because many users find it fun to write in a language they don't even know "Michael Jackson is an American singer" (for example). For small wikipedia as Lower Sorbian, such articles are completely meaningless... If You really want to help to dsb:wikipedia, please, try to write more, than "XYZ is an american actor"! Regards, Wielemir (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 09:21 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]

Help me please! What is "He's an Oscar Winner" and "Filmography" in Lower Sorbian? I want to supplement the articles with a list of famous films. Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 09:28 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
Please, please, don't do this! Please, don't create articles like these! As You can see, dsb:wikipedia is a small project, with very small number of users, because Lower Sorbian is a very small language. Creating articles like Leonardo DiCaprio, with the content: "Leonardo DiCaprio is an american actor" plus list of his films with titles in English REALLY does not contribute nothing to this project IN LOWER SORBIAN.
So if You really want to help, please (PLEASE!) learn some basic structures, sentences and words in Lower Sorbian, and help to improve existing articles by adding new informations, and DO NOT CREATE articles containing only one sentence. I am very sorry, but I will mark all these articles to delete. Wielemir (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 14:54 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
Why you don't mark these articles to delete? These actors are more famous? Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 15:53 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
No, almost all of these articles are very weak and of very little value: they're written by people, who wants to write something in language they don't even know, and I don't know why. They should also be deleted and I try to make it slowly but steadily. I repeat: if You really want to help, PLEASE, learn some basic sentences in Lower Sorbian, and write something more than "XYZ is an actor"! Wielemir (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 17:26 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
I added a sentence with the number of films in their filmography and now I'm trying to add information about the Golden Globe Award (the second most important film award). Am I doing it right? Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 17:31 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]

I think - no. Please, first learn some sentences in the language. Lower Sorbian is a beautiful, but very small language. Any help is here welcomed - but Your editions are not help! They're absolutelly meaningless, really, I don't know why You write it. Let me explain: do You speak Russian? So I try to make same, that You make here, but in Russian: Роберт де Ниро есть американский актор. Он играет многих филмов. Он очен нагродами: Оскар, Златист Глобас. Do You think that it is enough for the article not to be deleted on Russian (for example) Wikipedia? I really wonder. Wielemir (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 17:43 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]

Is there an online translator from English to Lower Sorbian? It is not available on google translate. Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 17:50 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
No there isn't any translator. And that's why is so important to learn some things about the language and write here some texts that make sense - because they can be usefull for the very few people that learn Lower Sorbian... Wielemir (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 17:59 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
Why can't you help me improve them? Can you take a few sentences from the English Wikipedia and translate them into Lower Sorbian? By the way, I just added their day and month of birth. Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 18:02 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
I tried to translate the movie titles in their filmography, but unfortunately the dictionary doesn't know many of these words. Check them for errors, please! Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 18:45 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
How do you spell "He is widely regarded as one of the greatest actors of the 20th century" in Lower Sorbian? Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 2. septembra 2022, 19:00 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]
Thanks for the edits to the article about Robert De Niro! Nikolai Kurbatov (diskusija) 3. septembra 2022, 02:17 (CEST)Wotmołwić[wótegroniś]